For Advisors

Many wealthy families and individuals are interested in beginning a philanthropic giving program, but don’t they know where to start or whom to turn to for advice. Often, their first point of contact on these issues is with their trusted legal and financial advisors. NPA works closely with other professional advisors to help their clients achieve their charitable objectives.

Our work with professional advisors occurs on two levels. First, we help them better understand how they can talk to their clients about charitable giving. Many advisors are uncomfortable discussing charitable giving with their clients, but it’s a conversation to be embraced, not avoided. By being informed on charitable giving issues, advisors can provide a higher level of service to their clients, generate more business for the firm, and provide significant benefits to the local community.

Second, we work with professional advisors to support the philanthropy of their clients. In this role we serve as a value-added partner by creating strategies for effective and rewarding philanthropy for the advisor’s client. From creating a foundation’s mission to fashioning strategies to fulfill that mission to doing effective grantmaking, we work closely with advisors to make sure this important piece of their clients’ personal and financial plan is given the care and attention it deserves.