We specialize in helping family foundations manage transitions.  If you feel stuck, we can help you find the path forward.  We have worked with dozens of families and their foundations to find a new (or updated) sense of purpose and establish the appropriate strategies.

For new foundations

The long-term success of a family’s giving is often determined by the actions it takes — or doesn’t take — early in the process.  Just as a house must be built on a strong foundation, successful giving must begin with a set of principles and goals that can help it achieve excellence and avoid future problems.

For existing foundations

The passing of a founder or adding the next generation to the Board of Directors can trigger issues about mission, strategy, and purpose.  Clarifying these issues early on can make the difference between years of family strife and a future of enjoyable, fulfilling philanthropy.

We provide:

  • New or revised mission statements
  • Org charts and job descriptions
  • Coaching for new Board members or a new CEO
  • Grantmaking procedures
  • Board policies
  • Succession planning
  • Program strategy
  • Risk assessment
  • Assessment of operational efficiency
  • Evaluation of impact
  • Perpetuity versus limited lifespan


The foundation will move forward with greater confidence and fulfillment.  The family has a renewed sense of purpose and has embraced with enthusiasm its charitable goals for the future.