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Thinking About a Site Visit? Here Are Some Tips

Published by the Family Foundation Advisor, this article by Renee Sovis and Mark Neithercut is a helpful guide for the what, why, and how of successful site visits. Also included in this addition is an accompanying article of Nine Site Visit Case Studies.

How to Make a Major Gift

With contributions from Mark Neithercut, this article by Melinda Tuan for The Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund is a guide for individual donors in making major gifts.

Tax Benefits of Charitable Giving

Regardless of whether you regularly contribute to charity, it is useful to be aware of the unique charitable giving tax benefits available to entrepreneurs. Even the most knowledgeable, charitably-minded individual may not be aware of all of these opportunities. This article shares those opportunities.

Have a Mission to Preserve a Vision

Mission statements are a fundamentally important building block of a family foundation’s strategic framework and deserve more attention. Further, the process of developing a family foundation mission statement must be dramatically different than the process used for other foundations or nonprofit organizations. Many techniques are available to develop a mission statement, and a board of directors should consider the benefits of each process before engaging in this fundamentally important exercise. This article published by Family Foundation Advisor addresses how a good mission statement can help preserve the legacy and vision of a founding philanthropist, and suggests some options for how family foundations can develop better mission statements.

NPA Brochures and Handouts

Individual Donor and Family Business Philanthropy Services

You’ve been successful in life and want to pass that good fortune on to others. We want to help you bring clarity and structure to your charitable efforts, because giving is most effective when it’s driven by a focus on values and outcomes. This brochure outlines our services for individual donors.

12 Questions To Help Determine Whether You’re Launch-Ready

How do you know if your family foundation is ready to be operational? We have assisted both very well-managed foundations and those that were in need of greater direction. We have found that many problems faced by older foundations could have been solved at the time of their launch. This checklist is a great place to start.

Six Misconceptions About Family Foundations

It seems everyone wants a foundation these days – at least many people do. So, what are the common misconceptions about family foundations? The Council on Foundations recently published an infographic we prepared on its blog, Re: Philanthropy. The infographic explains the six common misconceptions concerning family foundations.

Got Mission?

Mission – the essential purpose of a foundation – has been largely ignored in strategic planning efforts. In this piece, we will argue that mission drives strategy and that a foundation should be sure its mission is clear before engaging in lengthy efforts to develop strategy.