What We Do and What We Believe

At Neithercut Philanthropy Advisors (NPA), we help families achieve excellence and derive fulfillment from their charitable efforts. It is our firmly held belief that philanthropy can be — indeed, should be — an exciting and rewarding experience.

We handle the philanthropic affairs for a select group of families and we advise foundations on how to engage in effective philanthropy. By providing our clients with the confidence, direction and capabilities they need to make a greater impact with their giving, we are able to help them realize more personal fulfillment from their efforts. In short, NPA helps successful families become successful philanthropists.

The firm was founded in 2005 by Mark Neithercut, who has more than 25 years of experience working with families and foundations. Today, NPA’s team of professionals works with individuals, families, and foundations to achieve their charitable goals.

Our Team

Mark Neithercut

President & CEO

Mark E. Neithercut has more than 25 years of experience working with foundations and individual donors to increase the impact and effectiveness of their philanthropy.

As founder and principal of Neithercut Philanthropy Advisors, Mr. Neithercut leads a team of professionals that provide a back-office, outsourced solution for small- and medium-sized foundations.  NPA also serves as an advisor to foundations to help them clarify their mission, develop sound grantmaking strategies, and improve their administrative operations.

Renee Sovis

Vice President & Program Officer

Renee Sovis serves as vice president of Neithercut Philanthropy Advisors.  In this role, she is responsible for organizational strategy, the administrative process, and public relations.  As program officer, Ms. Sovis manages the grantmaking operations for our clients, leading our team’s work with the Margaret Dunning Foundation and the Holtzman Wildlife Foundation.  As needed, she assists with other foundations and major donor clients.  Ms. Sovis conducts application due diligence including site visits, financial reviews, and project assessments.  She presents her findings and reports on other grant opportunities to the board of directors, and she processes, monitors, and evaluates foundation grants.  Additionally, she researches and explores potential grantmaking opportunities for the board to consider.  Ms. Sovis enjoys working with both grantmakers and grantseekers to understand their goals and make meaningful connections.